Amy’s Spring House Tour 2021


I was tired of living in the drab and undecorated season that falls between Christmas

and Easter so I decided to break my normal decorating rules and decorated my

house before the first day of spring is even here! Maybe by decorating early it

will get the spring weather here sooner? Hope you enjoy!


Living Room:

Walking in the front door the first thing you run into is the entryway table. I decorated

this little area with my baby aloe plant from my friend Abigail (I am trying so hard to

keep her alive so wish this terrible plant mom luck!), some yellow tulips that I picked

up from Marshalls last year, a Happy Easter sign from Walmart (maybe? Lol Also got

that last year so I am not sure), and a little carrot that I actually made

myself! (Link for that DIY here!) The record player (which is a Crosley) I got a long

long lonnnng time ago from Sears, the rattan baskets came from

Homegoods, and the yellow blanket is from Target (Opalhouse brand).


Next you will see the TV stand. I kept the decorations here really simple with two

eucalyptus plants from Marshalls and an egg garland that I made myself using twine

and cheap plastic eggs from Walmart. (The eggs came with holes already present in

both the top and bottom of each so I just threaded the eggs onto the twine in that way.)

The snake plant (George) and the pot it is in came from Walmart and the fiddle fig leaf

tree (fake!) is from Amazon. (Linked below!)


Faux Fiddle Fig Leaf Tree

Seagrass Basket


Next up is the fireplace and mantle! Compared to other holidays this area is also

decorated very simply with only a faux grass plant, a snake plant (real! Her name is Sansa.), an

Easter welcome sign from (I think) Dollar Tree last year, and finally a bunny banner I

made out of a book! (Link for DIY here!)


Finally we have the sitting area of the living room! The plain yellow pillows and

the white floral pillows all came from Walmart, along with the egg chair. The big

blue floral pillow I got at Target last year, the poof came from Homegoods, and the

hanging plant in the back came from World Market.


Dining Table:

The tablespace is simple, but I am loving all of the bright spring colors! Everything on this

table came from Walmart and I was able to create this entire look for under

$30. (The plates and cups were only $0.50!)



On the first kitchen counter I created a little Easter corner with an “Easter” sign and

bunny from Marshalls and a little Easter basket (which was actually my Easter basket

from when I was a kid!) filled with construction paper cut to look like faux grass

and sparkly eggs from Dollar Trees.


On either side of the over we have some bunnies. The faux moss one is from Marhsalls and

the ceramic one is from Homegoods. On the stove itself I have a candle (Pineapple Mango scent)

and 2 adorable kitchen towels from the Pioneer Woman collection at Walmart.


The two towels on the stove actually came as a pack of 4 so here is all of them together!


And I also got this adorable towel from Dillons!


Second Bathroom:

The second bathroom doesn’t get used much in this house so typically the decorating in

here is pretty sparse. On the back of the toilet is some more faux eucalyptus with some

sparkly eggs from Dollar Tree thrown in. Around the sink on the vanity is a cute little spring

plaid towel from Marshalls and a little Easter egg tree from Dollar Tree. Finally, on the ground

is a pink ombre rug from Walmart.


Main Bathroom:

The final stop on this tour is the main bathroom. On the back of the toilet is a

basket of faux lavender that I picked up on my last thrifting trip and hanging above

the toilet is a faux eucalyptus wreath that I again stuck some sparkly Dollar Tree eggs

into. The only decoration on the counter is the “Pretty as a Peach” sign from Walmart

and the blue ombre rug also came from Walmart.


Have you decorated for spring yet? Do you have a specific color scheme? Let me know in the comments!

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