Amazon Sweater Haul


I have become obsessed with Amazon fashion. In fact, I honestly

cannot remember the last time I went to the mall for new clothes.

Shopping for clothes (well for anything) on Amazon is just so easy! (And I would be

lying if I said I didn’t LOVE seeing those brown boxes sitting on my

front porch when I get home!) I also really love feeling all nice and cozy and this

winter my Amazon cart has been filling up with sweaters left and

right so scroll on down to look at everything I bought! Also, let

me know in the comments what some of your favorite Amazon

clothing purchases have been!



Like I said I LOVE feeling all warm and cozy when wearing a sweater. I mean

if it doesn’t make me feel like I am wearing a blanket with arm holes

then I don’t want it! Luckily for me this sweater does exactly that. It is

so extremely soft and comfortable to wear and the best part?

It has a hood! Y’all it’s a hoodie! My absolute favorite piece of

clothing in the whole world. I ordered this hoodie in a small and

when they say it is oversized they sure aren’t kidding. Definitely recommend

sticking to your normal size because you will still get that

oversized look you are wanting. I picture

myself maybe wearing this outfit with snow boots and staring out a cabin

window overlooking the mountains and sipping on some hot chocolate.

Anyone else dreaming about a mountain escape?? Lol


Outfit Details:


Black Leggings (Similar)



If you are looking for a new sweater to wear with leggings this

is definitely the one! It is suuuuuuper soft and the length of it is

perfect to cover the booty. Plus the texture of the sweater brings it

up a level over just a plain white sweater. This sweater isn’t going

to do anything against the wind (thank you Kansas for letting me test

that *eye roll*), but without the wind this sweater will

keep you nice and warm. In this photo I am wearing a size

small and I would say that it is true to size.


Outfit Details:



Boots (Similar pair)

Necklace (Similar)


This is a sweater that I saw floating around TikTok

(TikTok made me buy it!) and when I saw it I figured it would be

the perfect sweater to make all my Insta Baddie outfit dreams come

true. In the TikTok videos everyone was saying how comfortable

it was for the price and they definitely were not lying! For less than $15 this

sweater is a great purchase. I actually think I might go back and buy it

in a couple different colors! I ordered this sweater in an S and I would

say it is slightly oversized, but not enough to size down.


Outfit Details:


Adidas track pants

Supra Shoes (Similar pair)




Whoa-ho-ho-hooo. Eaaaaaaasy tiger! Haha! That lovely quote

was always my go-to anytime someone got a little worked up so

when I first saw this sweater floating around years ago I immediately

added it to my wishlist, where it sat, and sat, and sat, and sat. But

now it is mine! I ordered the sweater in a small so it is slightly

oversized on me. I usually wear an XS (Small was the smallest size they had)

so I would say this sweater runs true to size. I also will note that it is a

slightly see-through so I don’t recommend wearing any neon-colors underneath it.


Outfit Details:


Faux Leather Leggings (similar pair)

Boots – Goodwill find


This was the sweater that started the whole haul idea and I

could not be happier with this purchase. I really like the pattern

and colors in this sweater and it is sooo extremely soft. I honestly

think it is the softest sweater out of this entire haul both on the inside

and outside. Seriously guys…it is incredible.

And just look at how stinkin’ cute it is!


Outfit details

Sweater (size S – true to size)

Gray skinny jeans (Similar pair)

Booties (Similar pair)



I love the color and design of this sweater. It is also really soft

and comfy to wear. I will admit that this sweater is pretty thin and

doesn’t offer a lot of protection against the cold so I definitely think

this is better for spring than winter. I also think the strings are

excessively long, but that would be my only complaint. I

ordered it in a small and it definitely runs true to size.


Outfit details


Gray skinny jeans (Similar pair)

Booties – (Similar pair; ones in picture from Old Navy)


Dressed and ready for that snow bunny lifestyle! Lol I wore this

sweater for lounging around on Christmas day and it is definitely

very comfortable. I ordered the sweater in a small and it definitely

fits true to size. Another great feature of this sweater is that it

is also a hoodie. Perfect for creating a cute and cozy look.


Outfit details


Black skinny jeans

Snow Boots



The final sweater in this haul is this striped turtleneck. When I

first put it on I felt like it was a little on the plain side so I threw on

some jewelry and it was just what the fashion doctor ordered! I

ordered this sweater in a small and I definitely think it is a little

oversized, especially in the arms. (I felt like I had bat wings!) Aside

from that it is very cozy and the turtleneck doesn’t

make me feel claustrophobic at all.


Outfit Details:



Booties (Similar pair; ones in

picture from Old Navy)




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