I Exercised Like Popular Fitness Influencers – Who is the Best?


You have probably heard of them. Maybe you have even worked

out with them. For this article I am going to be putting 7 popular

fitness influencers to the test. Who has the hardest workouts? Who

is the most enjoyable to workout with? Who will I be

subscribing to? Scroll on down to find out! (Want to try one of the workouts

I did? Click the video screenshots for the link!)



Chloe Ting

Difficulty: 5/10 I will admit that her ab content had me feeling

a slight burn, but my more muscular legs and booty didn’t feel

anything at all. I ended up doing 3 different workout videos of

hers one day before I stopped because I was bored and not

feeling a burn. Definitely great workouts for

beginners, but for me they were just too easy.


Enjoyability: 6/10 I could do without the 30-40 second

introduction at the start of every workout (I’m ready to go when

I start a video), but I think she does a good job at picking music for

her workouts and I LOVE the progress bar

up in the corner next to her timer.


Other Content: 4/10 I like how she likes to showcase people

who have had success using her workouts and applauds their

progress, but I personally got pretty bored watching those videos

and her other content, while cute, just isn’t

something I am going to opt to watch.




Madfit (AKA Maddie Lymburner)

Difficulty Ranking: 5/10 Her workouts are definitely great for

someone who is just beginning their workout journey. I definitely

felt some burn, but I didn’t feel the need to stop during the

workouts to rest extra and I also didn’t work up much of a sweat.


Enjoyability: 7/10 I like how she motivates and pushes

you throughout the workouts, she does a pretty good job at

picking the music for her workouts, and I do enjoy her dance

workout videos. (That is actually how I found her! And I plan on

checking out more of them.) However, I am not a

huge fan of the repetition of the moves.


Other content: 5/10 Her other content is on a second channel

self-titled channel (Maddie Lymburner) where 99.9% of her

content is “what I eat in a day.” She does feature a lot of great

ideas for healthy eating, however I feel like her “what I eat in a day” videos

don’t focus enough on the actual recipes or food itself.

Guess you have to get her cookbook for that!




Cassey Ho – Blogilates

Difficulty: 6/10 Her booty workout that I did definitely was

challenging and I was feeling the burn, but

the other videos barely had me breaking a sweat.


Enjoyability: 7/10 Cassey is very perky and energetic and she

will spend the majority of the time having a conversation with you like

y’all are true workout buddies. Her bubbly personality is definitely

catchy and I liked her creativity when it

comes to the princess workout videos.


Other content: 5/10 The majority of her other content is about

focusing on mental health and body positivity, which I think is

great real content, but it is something that I have to really be in the

same sad and depressed mood to watch. Plus YouTube is a place

I come to get away from thinking about those

problems, not a place I come to focus on them more.




Natacha Océane

Difficulty Ranking: 6/10 I definitely was breathing hard by the end

of each video, but none of them had me yelling in pain, made me

want to take longer breaks, or left me drenched in sweat.


Enjoyability: 8/10 This might sound a little weird, but I liked seeing

the pain on her face as she was doing the workouts with me. It was

definitely a little bit of relief to see she was also struggling at times…made

it all feel more real to me. I also enjoyed her music choices for the videos.


Other Content: 5/10 I didn’t hate watching the rest of her

content, but it just wasn’t content that made me feel like

I needed to smash that subscribe button.




Whitney Simmons

Difficulty: 4/10 Her at home workouts are 100% for beginners and

way too easy for me. I wasn’t even sweating by the end

of them and I did each 20 minute workout back to back.


Enjoyability: 8/10 Whitney is very into body positivity and is

just a pure ray of sunshine. Her music choices are top notch

(although the same songs do get repeated), her moves are creative

and not too repetitive, and I also like the no talking while working out.


Other content: 9/10 Whitney kind of does a little bit of everything, from

workouts to fashion to beauty, and I enjoy all of

her videos and am now a loyal subscriber.




Pamela Reif

Difficulty Rating: 8/10 Her ab workouts were definitely a killer

and had me screaming, but her butt workout in my opinion was a

little more manageable (but don’t get me wrong…it was

still super intense and painful!).


Enjoyability: 7/10 I like her music choices for the videos, the

no talking, and she does a good job at choosing what moves will

be in each workout without too much repetition. I also really like the

timer and workout preview in the upper corner so I can visually see how

long my pain will last and her dance videos are fun. I did have to

dock a couple points because she makes the exercises look waaaay

too easy (while also looking absolutely perfect), but other

than that I do really like her channel.


Other content: NA Pamela doesn’t have any other types of

videos on her YouTube channel so I decided to

take out this scoring section.




Lilly Sabri

Difficulty: 9/10 Her short 5-10 minute workouts are definitely

going to make you feel the burn and are the perfect finisher

workouts to do in addition to your main workout. However, her

longer 30+ minutes workouts had me screaming

at the TV in pain! I loved it.


Enjoyability: 8/10 Lilly is super positive and does a great job of

motivating you to keep pushing yourself, but she also doesn’t make

you feel bad if you have to take a longer break (she knows her

workouts can be tough!). I also really like how she shows you the next

move in the corner (including modifications for some of the exercises), her

music choices are usually pretty great, and I like how she tells you what

muscles you should be squeezing to really feel the

full effect of her workout. I also like how she has workout programs on

her channel that last 1-2 weeks. I plan on completing one of them soon!


Other content: NA She does have a couple “What I Eat in a Day” videos

posted on her channel, but I didn’t think they were

enough for a judgement on “other content.”






Hardest Workouts:


7.) Whitney Simmons

5.) /Chloe Ting/MadFit

3.) /Blogilates/Natacha Océane

2.) Pamela Reif

1.) Lilly Sabri




7.) Chloe Ting

4.) //MadFit/Blogilates/Pamela

1.) //Lilly/Whitney/Natacha Océane



So who am I subscribing to and going to continue to work out with?


Whitney Simmons

As I said above I have already subscribed to Whitney, not so

much for her workouts, but instead for her lifestyle content that is

also on her channel. I probably won’t be using her workouts much

in the future (although I do want to check out some of her gym

workouts once it gets warmer out and I am using my gym again), but

you better believe that I am there the next time she posts

about new outfits or testing out a specific product!


Lilly Sabri

I am definitely going to continue working out with Lilly. I feel like

she does a great job motivating me to workout, I feel like her workouts

are effective, and I am really excited to complete one of

her workout programs. Bring on the burn.



Although I wasn’t a huge fan of her workouts, her dance videos and

single song workouts were great for a nice cardio

warmup and I had a LOT of fun doing them.



Who are your favorite fitness influencers? Have you worked out with

any of these influencers before? Are you subscribed to

any of them? Let me know in the comments.




5 thoughts on “I Exercised Like Popular Fitness Influencers – Who is the Best?

Add yours

  1. I have actually been working out with Pamela Reif for the past couple months, she posts all the time on her insta story and which workout videos to do each week on a daily basis, she takes the advice of her followers too, so I love that about her! Once I followed her insta page it made it 10 times better! I haven’t heard of Lilly Sabri, but good to know if I want a workout that makes me dead at the end! Haha

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awesome! I’m glad you like Pamela. And thanks for the info! I will definitely have to look into her Instagram more. And yes Lilly is amazing. Highly recommend her workouts and I think she also posts monthly workout schedules to help you stay on track!


    1. Yeah those girls definitely know how to work you, but that’s why they are some of the best in my opinion! So glad you enjoyed reading! Hopefully you find some more articles you like as well! And awwww well thank you so much! 🥰

      Liked by 1 person

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