Amy’s 2020 Defining Moments

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Before 2020 started I had deemed it the year of travel and

even though I didn’t get to go on all the trips I had wanted to, I

still got to leave good ole Kansas quite a bit including flying

out to California with 3 of my best friends. I had never been to

the west coast before let alone California and being able to do it

with 3 of my favorite ladies was the best way to start out the year. I

can’t wait for our next trip. (Sorry but, self-plug here: You can

read all about our trip here! Lol)

2020 was a rough year workwise. However, not only was I lucky

to still have a job and get to go to work, but I was able to move to

a new position! This is a picture of the timer my new group mates

gave me when I completed my training. It was a really big moment

for me (I almost cried!) especially when I saw they labelled it

with my nickname, Lil Mac.


After the postponement of the Harry Styles concert, my friend

Abigail and I decided to still keep our plans to go to Colorado and

turned our disappointment in missing the concert into a little mini

mountain getaway! While there we originally planned on climbing

the Manitou Incline, but after hearing it was closed due to COVID

we decided instead to hike to the top of Pike’s Peak. Yep, we traded

in climbing an intense one mile hike for an extremely strenuous 14.5

mile (over 18 cause we got lost) hike with absolutely no training. This

was the first 14er for both of us and I will be perfectly okay with it being

my one and only. I mean I am soooo proud of us for accomplishing

this feat, but I have never hurt so much in my whole life. You can read more about our

Pike’s Peak adventure and see some beautiful photos here!


This was my second time in Rocky Mountain National Park and

as I drove the winding roads throughout the park it proved to be a

therapeutic and redeeming trip after my first time here was quite

a terrible experience. Coming around the corner and seeing

these guys in the road was just the cherry on top.


2020 also brought with it my longest solo road trip,

(article on that coming soon!) a 2 week cross country adventure

to visit my friend and fellow blogger Kristin! I learned a lot on that trip, saw

a lot of amazing things, and, at this state park, put my life entirely in the

hands of strangers. Read all about how I tried to star in my own 20/20 episode here!


Halloween is my favorite holiday and this year’s party was definitely

a huge step up from last year’s! I decided on this picture from the

party because not only was this lady the talk of the party, but I am

proud to say I actually built her all by myself. Can’t wait for next year. I’m already planning

! More on the party can be found here.


This year I also hosted my first Friendsgiving (which, in true

Amy fashion, meant I had to go the extra mile and get everyone a

gift bag with a matching tee in it!). I cooked my first ever turkey, made

some cute decorations, and had so much fun hosting. I am so happy

we were all able to get together before one of us moved to India, another

to Michigan, another to Kansas City, and another back home.




Screen Shot 2021-01-01 at 9.48.44 PM

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