365 Outfit Challenge: Week 50

Week 50

White, lace, and florals are all you need to know

about this week 50’s outfits! Hope you enjoy!


Day 344:

A lot of layering is happening in this outfit with my Aerie camp

shorts, my white button down tank, my light wash

denim button down, and my cognac sandals.


Day 345:

Don’t mind me, just taking a casual stroll through the cornfield

in my indian headdress tee, my high waisted

skinnies, and my gray Converse shoes.


Day 346:

This girly outfit turned out better than I could have expected

with my lace collared tank, my light wash

AE shorts, and my cognac espadrille wedges.


Day 347:

This red, white, and blue Memorial Day outfit features my

navy blue gingham plaid Old Navy button

down, my red skinny jeans, and my white Converse.


Day 348:

I went on a little weekend getaway to KC this day wearing

my black button down tank, my dark wash skinnies, my floral

kimono from Walmart, and my espadrille wedges from Target.


Day 349:

2nd and final day in KC I wore my lace collared tank, my

distressed AE shorts, my blue and pink plaid

button down, and my espadrille wedges from Target.


Day 350:

A floral print in spring is just a must! This outfit features a

white tank, olive green skinnies, my tan boots, and

my floral kimono from Walmart.



Favorite Outfit: Day 346

This is hands down my favorite outfit for this week. I just love

the look of it so much from the colors to the

lace to the shoes…just perfect!




Week 50

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