365 Outfit Challenge: Week 48

week 48



The majority of these outfits are perfect for those

cooler spring days. Scroll down to see the fits!


Day 330:

“Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.” Well, at least that is

what I strive for. This outfit however, with my Victoria’s Secret

hoodie, Under Armour leggings, and Adidas tennis shoes, is perfect

for a workout of any kind and at least makes me feel like a

boxer even though my punches might say otherwise.


Day 331:

I don’t know about you , but i am having a hard time focusing

on my outfit with the beautiful sky in the background. However, with

that being said, this outfit is one of my favorites with my rose American

Eagle crop tee, my black American Eagle skinny jeans, my black Old

Navy booties, and my black and white leather jacket.


Day 332:

This symbol and slogan represent a cause that could not be

any more near and dear to my heart. For this outfit I paired my

Under Armour breast cancer awareness hoodie with my

American Eagle skinny jeans and my Supra shoes.


Day 333:

Ideal way to spend my days? Travelling anywhere and

everywhere. But what can I say? Like my sweater from Parks

Apparel says….I am an “Adventurous Soul.” The rest of this outfit is

made up of my dark wash No Boundaries skinny jeans and my gray

Converse shoes (which I do NOT recommend for long

hikes. Learn from my mistakes. Lol)


Day 334:

Wearing a concert tee for an artsy folk band requires an artsy

outfit photo. Or at least my attempt at that. Lol This outfit features

my Head and the Heart band tee, my green American Eagle

button down, my high waisted American Eagle

skinny jeans, and my taupe Unisa booties.


Day 335:

My family of K-State fans will deny I am one of them if they

see me wearing this KU shirt, but it’s okay….I know they will

come to their senses eventually! Lol The rest of my outfit is made

up of my American Eagle skinny jeans and my gray Converse.


Day 336:

Before this challenge I watched YouTube fashion hauls

religiously, which of course led to huge shopping hauls of my own, much

to my wallets discontent. This pink floral tank from Express and my

high waisted American Eagle skinny jeans were both pieces that

resulted from watching those videos. But i mean come on…how

could I not buy them when they looked this good?!


Favorite Outfit: Day 331

A leather jacket and black jeans….is anyone really

surprised this was my favorite outfit from this week?




week 48

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