365 Outfit Challenge Week 10

Welcome back! This week was another fairly unproblematic week for

the challenge…well…at least that was until day 70. Day

70 proved to be the problem child of this week as you will

find out when you read the outfit description for that day below.

It certainly caused me the most amount of stress that I have

felt for quite some time regarding this challenge. However, I think

it all worked out fairly well and now you all get to see 8 outfits this

week instead of the normal 7! In other news, I also had to create

a whole album on my phone where I could store the outfit pictures

from each week because the document where I have been writing

down all the outfits is starting to get insanely long and extremely

tedious to read through to make sure there is no outfit repeating!

Hopefully the album will make that whole process a

little easier on me! Enjoy week 10!

Day 64:

This outfit is literally one of the comfiest outfits

that I have worn so far this year and it features my Super

Mario sweater from Hot Topic and my Aerie olive

green camp shorts. I also wore my gray Universal Thread espadrille wedges

from Target to dress up the outfit a little bit and make

it look a little less pajama-y.

Day 65:

I actually saw an outfit very similar to this one

while scrolling through my instagram one evening and I

knew that I had to try and recreate it! So to do that I

wore my white flowy American Eagle tank top, my cream

a.n.a. sweater cardigan from JCPenney, my American

Eagle skinny jeans, and my taupe Carlos booties.

Day 66:

This girly outfit features my white Old Navy jean jacket,

my pink Express crew neck tee, my high waisted

American Eagle jeans, and my taupe Carlos booties.

My only accessory was my silver dreamcatcher necklace.

Day 67:

This is a fairly simple outfit that features my black

scoop neck BCBGMaxazria tee, my sage green Sofia skinny jeans

from Walmart, my taupe Carlos booties, and

my bronze feather statement necklace.

Day 68:

Anyone else take one look at all the white in

this outfit and immediately feel extremely nervous?

Yeah…me too. However, white on white monochromatic

outfits have really been on trend as of late so I decided

to at least try it out with my white Old Navy tank, my

white Universal Thread skinny jeans from Target, my

taupe Carlos booties, and my Aeropostale jean jacket.

(By some miracle no white clothing was ruined

by my clumsiness on this day!)

Day 69:

I was planning on spending the whole day

avoiding social interaction with other people and

being a full on recluse in my home so comfort was my

one and only concern for my outfit on this day. It

features a gray oversized t-shirt that 100% captured my

mood for the day, my black Charlotte Russe leggings,

my gray Converse, and a white and black scrunchie.

Day 70:

Choosing to go see Chris Stapleton for my second

concert during this challenge was a very easy decision.

Planning my outfit for this day, however, was definitely

not “as smooth as Tennessee Whiskey.” My concert

outfit, which included my black Rancho Estancia fringe

dress, my Aeropostale jean jacket, my black Old Navy booties,

and my black Lanzom wide brim hat, did not meet

the dress code requirements at my work so unfortunately

for me, this meant I had to put together a second

outfit (that I could have worn another day) to wear

to work…cue the eye roll. The second outfit I

chose for work was a simple one that kept with the country

vibe and included my navy blue No Boundaries

graphic tee from Walmart, my Levi bootcut

jeans, and my Justin cowboy boots.

Favorite outfits: 65, 69, and concert outfit from day 70!

I chose days 65 and 69 as two of my favorite

outfits because I think they are absolutely adorable!

Every time I look at them I get this happy feeling inside

and I simply cannot get over how cute they are! Also,

bonus points to both of these outfits

for being extremely comfy as well!

I chose my concert outfit from day 70 as one of

my favorites even though it pushed me outside of

my comfort zone. The dress I wore on this day

was one that I hadn’t ever worn before mainly

because I was very self conscious about the way it

hugged my body in certain spots. However, I knew

that it was the perfect dress in my closet as far as

style goes for the concert so I wore it anyway and

I am so glad that I did. The outfit turned out even

better than I had hoped and I felt extremely confident in it!

And that brings us to the end of week 10! I cannot

believe that I have already completed over 70 outfits for

this challenge! In fact, as I am writing this post I have

officially worn 92 different outfits!

(Sorry to be a little behind on the posts!) We

are so close to 100 it is just insane and I just

want to say thank you to all of you who have been

coming back each week to see what outfits I have

picked out! It has been quite the adventure so far and

I am excited to see what is in store for the

upcoming weeks! See ya’ll next time!

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